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PostSubject: Forumgames   Fri Dec 12, 2008 2:21 pm

Hunt by numbers

This game is about hunt lvl and post it , it start at lvl 6 next find a lvl 7 attack and win , than post it.
but only one lvl 7 may be placed at that moment, so if someone else post a lvl 7 before you, thats a bad timing and you must post the next lvl
Time of post counts but the attack must be posted in 1 hour after the attack.
next, this is only for world 4,

Target is to score points you can get from posting lvl 20 to lvl29 = one point lvl 30 - 39 = two points and furter up to the highest lvl.
now comes the trick
This line of posting by numbers can always be broken by posting a lvl 6 victory, if you do you get MINUS 5 points
also tricky is that lvl 7 ,8 and 9 give you MINUS ONE point for posting them and lvl 10 to 19 Give you ZERO points for post them.
This rule make it funny to play even when you have the lowest score because you can tease other players by breaking of the line with a post lvl 6 victory, but you can only do this when you haveat least 5 points.

It is to much work for one player to keep up the score , so each candidate of this game must make your own scorelist post somewhere at the forum.

This game is new and i just made it,.. sugestions and other forms of critick are verry welcom please let me now what you think of this game and if you wanna play it

it can be played in worl8 to but than the score-system must be changed because there are not so much high lvl as in world4, if some want to play in world 8 i can make a new scoretable for you there.
i am a wolf in world8 but i can play this game with you guys there to because it is about posting forum so Wolfs and Vamps can be toghter in this.
If a lot of us wanna play this , i give a premium ticket for the winner !!
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